Jun 14 '12

A Summer Show MKE Style with John the Savage and Do414

by CJ Kaegi

If you’ve never heard of John the Savage, I’m a little ashamed of you. They have been a staple of the Milwaukee music scene for years. The first time I saw them was at Locust Street Days in Riverwest…they were playing “Sinking Ship”. I immediately fell in love, and bought their Kitchen Voodoo album. After seeing them play Cafe Lulu, Club Garibaldi, Summerfest…and yes, even house shows, I’m still in awe whenever I see them live.  It’s hard to not be hypnotized by their ominous, chaotic, and beauitiful music that springs out of a raw collaboration of insanity and energy. That’s why I’m proud to tell you all about Do414’s $10 All-You-Can-Drink Show at Riverwest Public House featuring John the Savage, Netherfriends, The Gazettiers, and Justin Heron.

The $10 All-You-Can Drink Show is one of Do414’s proudest accomplishments…an idea conceived out of hope and understanding.  The admission cost for the show is $5…but there’s more, much more. With the help from our friends at Great Lakes Distillery and Sprecher Brewery, any person that pays $10 dollars can enjoy the finest local beer and alcohol for a minimum price…I mean this is Milwaukee, and as a Milwaukeean it is your DUTY to drink local, drink often, and enjoy good music.  

If you’ve never seen John the Savage before, come to this show. Of course, John the Savage isn’t the only reason to see this show, the opening bands are some of the finest musical acts you will ever see. Netherfriends is a one-man band…not like those drum beating, foot tapping, cymbal clapping, kazoo humming stereotyped caricatures you see in cartoons. No, Netherfriends is a “rare pedal loop dude” (his words not mine, but true nonetheless) led by Chicago native Shawn Rosenblatt. He creates beautiful pop mixed with hip hop beats, vocals and melodic guitar lines. His stage performance is nearly as entertaining as his music. On stage he masterfully juggles several loops as they weave in and out of vocal and guitar parts.

I’m actually trembling with anticipation as I continue to write this article…it’s going to be heart stopping radical. The Gazettiers are an alternative, guitar band that sing sweet n’ softly, and can play their guitars like the best of them. They’ve played various venues around Milwaukee, and Do414 is proud to have them playing this show. 

Following the sweet sounds of the Gazettiers, Justin Heron and his band will also be playing, Justin Heron is a Milwaukee musician that draws a lot of inspiration from the 60’s folk scene, but mixes in modern rock with a little of his own brilliance, All and all, you’re not going to find a better line-up of bands playing one venue anytime soon!

Upcoming Riverwest Public House Events/ Do414:

6/15, 9pm, Riverwest Public House: Do414’s $10 All-You-Can-Drink Show at Riverwest Public House featuring John the Savage, Netherfriends, The Gazettiers, and Justin Heron. RSVP here for a chance to win free entry, free drinks!

6/16, 10pm, Riverwest Public House:Keep It Dirty: 90s Theme

6/20, 9pm, The Tonic Tavern: Do414 Presents: Jackraasch, Prairie Empire, and Nick Amadeus from Delta Routine. RSVP for Free Entry!

6/21, 9pm, Stonefly Brewing Company: Do414 Presents: Prairie Empire, The New Seven, and The Gazettiers. Follow the link, and Click “I LIke It” for a Chance to Win Free Tickets.

6/22, 6pm, Riverwest Public House: Smart City Nexus

6/24, 7pm, Riverwest Public House: New Word Document: Spoken Word/Poetry/Story Telling

6/28, 9pm, Mad Planet: Do414 Presents: Dance Underground. RSVP for a Chance to Win Free Entry!